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Humor as a Coping Tool

Posted by @osun6 in Brain & Nervous System, Dec 18, 2011

We are interested in hearing how you have used humor to help you cope with your disease. We believe that humor can be an effective tool when facing life threatening illness. Please tell us your stories.

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Posted by @ckellis, Dec 20, 2011

Laughing heals the body and more importantly the soul. I was on my death bed with a very rare blood disorder, they could not diagnose at the time. The Dr. was standing out side my hospital room door talking with my family the day after my admission. He said,"she has non-life sustaining blood levels and we don't expect her to live through the night.". I was in ICU, still conscious. I said back to them in a weak voice, "I'm not done yet!"

They looked in the door and laughed. Told me to be quiet, they were not done talking about me! I reminded them to treat me as if I was going to live not as if I was going to die. The whole tone changed. I am very much alive 8 years later.

I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas this year, and without missing a beat. He said, " can you just cut out the dying? A few less trips to the ER would be nice!". He is amazing, the laughter and jokes help not only me, but my family. I have just written a book called "Oh the woes of a hose in your nose". The lighter side of a hospital visit. Hoping like you, everyone learns that humor heals!!

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Posted by @osun6, Dec 20, 2011

Thank you. A great story.

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Posted by @curiousone1, Mar 13, 2012

Yep--how wonderful if people living alone could be visited by people who are funny and know how to laugh!


Posted by @cummaquid, Mar 14, 2012

Hi...I live alone but have two dogs who cheer me daily. Have just been diagnosed with breast cancer ( early) and at age 77 wonder how to best enjoy the years left to me...I am the leader of several writing groups and when we get together we share life stories many of which are hilarious. We all love to laugh! I love to share my dogs' antics as they are a hoot together, especially when they catch the smell of a woodchuck or rabbit close by. Who will chase first? How quickly can the chuck WHISTLE a warning and escape down his hole in the ground?
Laughter is so good and so important for our immune systems.


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 15, 2012

You're an inspiration & I wish more & more laughter!
God bless you & your family

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