How to Prepare for Meeting with Spine Surgeon

Posted by babette @babette, Aug 18, 2019

Hi Everyone – I'm new to this board. I spend most of my time on Joint Replacements because I have a failed total knee replacement that has to be totally revised soon. In the meantime, I suffer from level 8-9 back pain constantly (lumbar herniated discs) and am seeing a surgeon about that on Tuesday. I want his opinion on which surgery to do first but beyond that, what have you found to me the most useful questions to ask at a first surgery consult?

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Hi @babette thank you for sharing your story and beginning this discussion.

I wanted to tag fellow Connect members @brendakaye @grandmar and @pines as they have had back surgeries and may be able to share questions they had for their surgeons.

I also wanted to share this discussion as you may be able to find some more knowledge about lumbar surgery

What questions have you thought of so far?


Good evening. Be up front and ask how many surgeries like the one you need has the surgeon done. Is surgery my only option? If I have it done will I need another fusion up higher eventually? Babette this is very important. If you have a fusion the surgeon usually hooks it to a vertebrae 2 up which over the years breaks down and then you have to have another and so on.


@clogue8 Thanks for your helpful post. It hadn't occurred to me to ask about the possibility/probability of further surgeries! Thank you for that.


I have a similar issue and my surgeon discouraged me from any surgery and suggested PT instead with intensive core strengthening. This has worked for me. Now pain free for over two years. It is difficult to start, takes patience, and requires a long commitment. It was worth it. Please explore all options before starting the surgery "cycle".

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