How to overcome manic depressive situations?

Posted by kmohror66 @kmohror66, Dec 2, 2022

What elements in daily routines can enable me combat manic/depressive situations? I want to avoid using pharmaceuticals.

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Hello @kmohror66 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I wonder if we might start with having you share a bit more about how long you've had manic depression and why you want to avoid using pharmaceuticals? This will help me better connect you to other members and discussions in the community.


Hi @kmohror66, I agree with @amandajro. sharing your thoughts, disclosing your feelings, owning your emotions is the first step to controlling things.
with that said, have you ever attempted to take assertive actions to understand thing; what triggers you, which days are more tender, time… mindfully get to understand the scenario
…you're not alone 🙂

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