How to obtain a diagnosis of Long Covid? Is it possible?

Posted by babsg1 @babsg1, Dec 2, 2022

I had Covid 19 and was hospitalized in October 2021. Before that I had 2 initial vaccines; was active at the YMCA and exercised 5 days a week plus walked my dogs. Now I am so fatigued, muscle aches, brain fog, no motivation to do any of the activities I did before I was hospitalized. Every time I ask my GP if it could be Long Covid I am told it is my age or the medicines I take or any other answers other than Long Covid. Is there a diagnosis for Long Covid? I realize there aren't any specific treatments yet just having a diagnosis would help me feel like I am not going out of my mind. I have a daughter who is insistent that no diagnosis exists and if I did get a Long Covid Diagnosis what good would it do?

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Had Covid the end of October. I feel different every day. Some days I feel “normal”, some days an effort to get out of bed. My PCP says it can take months to feel better. Not sure what else to do. I’ve added B12 along w/multivitamins. Not sure if it’s helping.
Be patient, try to walk a small amount each day-good luck.


I would suggest joining the FaceBook group Long Covid Support Group for better answers to that. Mayo doesn’t recognize long covid as a diagnosis and will not provide treatment. My doctor has given me a clinical diagnosis however prefaces it saying there are no tests to prove for sure. Many people in the FB support group are from the UK and they have interviews with the government and are either granted or denied PIP benefits even without proof of long covid, many without even a positive test since it was not available in the first wave and so many people got it there with even an opportunity to be vaccinated. I got sick in 2020 with no comorbidities and am still fighting fatigue and feeling like I have the flu issues. I’ve worked the entire time, mostly from home and am lucky I’ve been able to continue. Hope your situation improves and keep researching!

Editor's Note:
Correction: Mayo Clinic recognizes post-COVID conditions, such as Post-COVID Syndrome, often referred to as long COVID.

For more information about post COVID conditions, as well as post-COVID recovery care and research at Mayo Clinic, visit


Yes, there is an ICD 10 diagnostic code for Long COVID. Your doctor has the option of using the code.


@babsg1, I'm not a medical professional and have no training but I think it just boils down to having symptoms from COVID more than 30 days. Here's a few articles on the topic:

"Your healthcare provider considers a diagnosis of post-COVID conditions based on your health history, including if you had a diagnosis of COVID-19 either by a positive test or by symptoms or exposure, as well as doing a health examination."

-- Do I Have Long COVID? Here’s How to Tell:

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If it helps I went to the Denver National Jewish Long Covid Clinic after 9 months of symptoms but I never had tested positive for COVID and the doctors there had no problem with thinking I had long COVID because my story of symptoms was so similar to others. They suspected that I either had an asymptotic case or a post viral syndrome that was triggered by another virus.

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