How to get rid of hives from old bee sting?

Posted by pennyb1031 @pennyb1031, Nov 9 1:28pm

I was stung by a bee 3 months ago and am still suffering with hives at the sting site. Have had 2 rounds of prednisone, Benadryl, zyrtec and multiple creams, none of which had any affect. Help.

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Hello @pennyb1031, and welcome to Mayo Connect. All of us are patients or caregivers, trying to help one another on our journeys, so I will offer suggestions, but you may eventually need to go back to the professionals.

What it sounds like to me (as one allergic to bee stings) is a prolonged allergic reaction to the venom. It may be time to see an allergist for testing. If you are found to be developing an allergy to the venom, there are shots they can use to reduce your sensitivity.

The other possibility is that your autoimmune system is on "overdrive" – that's what the doc was hoping to quiet with the Prednisone.

Have you talked to your provider about possible next steps?

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