How often PET?

Posted by ina3 @ina3, Feb 7, 2019

How often it is recommended to do PET or CT? I have been reading the book “ chris beat cancer” and see how much radiation you get when doing them and how radiation exposure is the cause of the secondary cancer.

My dad did PET a month ago and doctor asked to do it again in two months. Is there a recommended frequency or just when it is required? Thanks

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Hello again @ina3. Screenings are up to the doctor based on what he and the radiologist sees in the prior scan. It also takes into affect symptoms that the patient has. I've had CT scans for 22 years and for years they have been at least every 3 months. They are low dose radiation and I have never heard of anyone getting cancer from them. Since my tech knowledge is nil you might want to google it for more info. My doctor schedules PETs for confirming a suspected disease, in my case lung cancer. How is your dad doing? The last time that you wrote his doctors found some brain mets? Has this been confirmed?

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