How long were you on azacitidine (Vidaza)?

Posted by njjwjj @njjwjj, Oct 22 9:58am

I have had MDS for 31/2 years. On vidaza for the same time. Leukemia cells in bone marrow blood levels 0. 3 months now blood levels are awesome. Kidneys levels low. I feel the only problems I have seems to be from the chemo and premeds. My dr makes it sound like be on this for life. What say you?

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Hi @njjwjj Welcome to Connect. It’s very encouraging to hear that the Vidaza (Azacitidine) treatment you’re receiving for MDS is keeping your blood numbers in the ‘awesome’ range! For any of us with a blood cancer, those are the words we like to see! From my understanding Vidaza is a medication you’ll be on for an extended period unless it stops working for you or if there are side effects where your doctor feels another medication would be more helpful.
I did find a good article from about Azacitidine.

Here is an excerpt:
“Azacitidine is designed to help the bone marrow produce more healthy and normal functioning cells.
Goals of therapy:
Azacitidine is given to help increase blood cell counts, reduce the risk of infection, reduce the amount of blood transfusions needed, decrease the risk of bleeding, and to prevent MyeloDysplastic Syndrome (MDS) from transforming to acute leukemia. Azacitidine is not commonly given with the goal of cure.
Azacitidine is repeated every 28 days. This is known as one cycle. Treatment is continued until azacitidine is no longer working or it is stopped because of unacceptable side effects”

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Other members (or have loved ones) who are also in treatment with Bidaza are @timt347 @camacho. They may be able to talk a little more with you about the duration of treatment.

Does your doctor feel your low kidney function is related to the Bidaza?

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