How do you treat, and who do you see for oral lichen planus?

Posted by jalice @jalice, Jun 4 2:00pm

What kind of specialist do you see for oral lichen planus? Mine is very painful in the right side of my mouth. It feels like it may be going up into the ear.

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@jalice Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, but I’m sorry that OLP brought you here. You always start with your primary care physician who can then give you a referral to a rheumatologist.
There are several discussions on Connect which deal specifically with OLP. There are several more discussions which you can find by: going to Autoimmune Diseases Support Group which lists all the discussions. Then go to the search window just above the list, type in ‘oral lichen planus’ and hit enter on your computer. Many of the discussions will have an old date because that’s when they were first started but they continue on today!
I’m also going to ask one of the moderators to add your question to a current, ongoing discussion.
Are you currently dealing with other autoimmune issues?


Most cases are seen by the dermatologist or an oral surgeon with interest
in medical diseases. Regular 6 month checks are advised.


Yes, my Periodontist biopsied my cheek/gum and sent the scrape to a lab for diagnosis, which was confirmed as OLP. I was just advised by him to use plain old regular toothpaste, and to try yoga to chill out/relax/de-stress. You can purchase a little bottle of Jamieson brand B-12 vitamin spray.
My OLP doesn't hurt at all and isn't wide comes and goes every few years....weird.


@jalice - I finally saw an oral pathologist who prescribed Lyderm Gel and that is the only thing that has worked for me. It is an off label treatment, to be used for seven days (I used it for ten), and then used only during flare ups after that.

Unfortunately it is an auto immune condition and cannot be cured, but I have found this gel very helpful.

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