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How do you get relief from frequent migraines

Posted by @russy, Dec 11, 2018

I want to know how members treat their migraines. Has anyone tried Aimovig for prevention?

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No but I changed my diet to DASH and drink 64 ounces of water daily and they are gone. The salt level and dehydration were causing most of them. I went from three a week two years ago to taking Tylenol once a year now. It changed my life! Sleep at least six hours and limit your time on the computer/tv/phone screen and your stress level. Try that first and continue to avoid alcohol and fermented products of course. I use to take meds but I needed more and more to work. I was trying to take less and it worked better with time not to take it. Good luck!

I would like to invite @tleever, @nancywootten, @skk15, @skk15, @mary1121, and @noeley to this discussion to share their experiences with migraines. I also recommend reading through this discussion,

@russy, has aimovig been suggested to you as a treatment?

@russy – I have chronic intractable migraines. Prevention depends on the cause. If a woman has monthly migraines a day before her period, her migraine may be due to a drop in hormone level. Prevention for her can include monophasic birth control pills with no inert pills (unless her migraines involve aura – estrogen is contraindicated for people who have migraines with aura. If the trigger is blood sugar, eating several small meals containing complex carbs, protein and healthy fats should help stabilize low blood sugar. Low magnesium levels can also be a trigger as can sleep deprivation and too little water intake.

For me, my migraines are genetic and triggered by high humidity and/or fall in barometric pressure. Prevention includes a calcium channel blocker. Because I tend to be hypoglycemic, I can't tolerate beta blockers. I have also had 8 rounds of Botox. It was wonderful in that I had no migraine head pain for 2 months following each round. But, it failed to control my other migraine symptoms.

I received 70mg doses of Aimovig; one occurred in August, the other in September. My neurologist increased my dose to 140mg and that I received a few days ago. Neurologists believe Aimovig (and the 2 other meds in this class of medications) might be the game changer for prevention of chronic migraines which don't respond at all or don't respond well to other treatments. I am hoping for a good result but, it's too early to know yet.

How expensive is the Aimovig with insurance?


How expensive is the Aimovig with insurance?

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It varies by insurance plan. I had to submit an appeal/prior authorization for non-formulary meds because Aimovig isn't in my insurance plan's 2018 or 2019 formulary. My insurance company approved it and put in on Tier 4. For me, that means my out of pocket cost is $100. Better insurance plans would have lower out of pocket cost. I submitted the appeal after I received the 2 month free trial from Amgen (The manufacturer of Aimovig).

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