How to find a doctor to order you enough ostomy supplies?

Posted by nadinebobo @nadinebobo, May 18 12:19am

I’ve had my colostomy bag for 4 1/2 years and I only get 20 bags a month that’s all I’ve ever gotten and I had to scrape pennies in order to order them from Amazon and I don’t even know what size bag I need. I don’t know if they have a better kind that doesn’t leak. I am so like confused about all this I don’t even have a doctor that treats me for this condition. Where do I go for help?

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Hello Nadine. If you are going through 20 bags a month, that is 5 a week. Can you please tell me why are you going through so many?


Because honestly I poop about 10 times at least a day very liquidity


I get all I need with Medicare and my UHC supplementary insurance.
I get the disposal bags, one time use. They do have bags you can empty.
Just go on line to by a doctor that does colonoscopy exams. All hospitals can give you a referral. What about the Doctor that operated on you?


Try a product called skin tac which available on Amazon. My stoma incision , which was done in emergency surgery. is not smooth and near my belly button which makes getting a good seal on the bag very difficult. Skin tac is a skin barrier and adhesive combined and has limited my leaks to about 1 a month.

Hollister and coloplast will send sample bags which can help you determine if you have the best bag, I need a bag with a convex opening because my stoma is very flat and recedes at times which creates leaks. Holloplast makes a bag that the opening swells when it gets wet which helps with my leaks. They will talk with you on the telephone to help you try different products


Medicare and probably other medical insurance cover ostomy supplies. However, there is a limit to what you will be reimbursed for. However, the limit is usually enough. Talk to a representative in colonoscopy office or even perhaps your GP, who will then issue a prescription to a firm such as Handi Medical Supply, who have a convient method for reordering the ostomy supplies. The perscriber may require you to make an annual appointment, which is not a bad thing.


Hi Nadine,

Seeing an Ostomy Nurse would be a good first step. They can help you figure out what products would work best for you, and then place the prescription with a supply company. Insurance will cover supplies up to a certain amount.

You could call the surgeon who did your surgery to get the information on where to go to see an Ostomy nurse. If you can't contact the surgeon who did your surgery, calling another one should work as well.

Good luck! I hope this helps.

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