How do I understand these lab results of a needle biopsy I had done

Posted by cynlam305 @cynlam305, Jun 19, 2023

I have the results here but it’s been 3 weeks and Dr still can’t see me to explain results in terms that I can understand! Could someone please explain what this means? My results say: Lung,Right Lower-RLL lung Lesion BX FINAL DIAGNOSIS:
By immunohistochemistry, the focus of atypical cells shows expressions of ck 5/6 and rare p40+ cells TTF-1 highlights background pneumocytes
GROSS DESCRIPTION CONSISTS OF tan tissue fragments measuring in aggregate 0.2 x 0.2x less than 0.1 cm. Based upon this microscopic examination this test was developed and it’s characteristics has been determined by this lab that touch preparations (x2)were performed and was reported that an intraoperative diagnosis was Satisfactory for evaluation
Now today is a holiday and still can’t get my results read to me !some one who knows what this means please explain it to me thank you

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Hi @cynlam305, I'm sorry that you had to come to Mayo Connect searching for answers, but I'm glad you are here. I'm not familiar with these type of lab reports, so I won't be much help in interpreting those results. Waiting is so difficult, and three weeks is much too long. I do suggest that you continue to call your doctor's office each day, until you get the information that you need. If a specialist ordered the biopsy, you may try calling your primary care provider to see if they can help you as well. They may be able to call the specialist to help get a response and possible appointment.
Have you had other scans (CT, MRI, PET) that have shown any lung nodules? Where any nodules small in size? Are you experiencing lung related symptoms, (cough, short of breath, feelings of chest pressure)?

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