Hot Flashes

Posted by mader62 @mader62, Jul 24, 2019

I am 71 years old and still experiencing hot flashes. Does anyone have any ideas about relieving them? Tried to go back on hormones but my doctor says no, because of my age.

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I drank green tea for other reasons, originally. My job is cold and I drank hot green tea to warm me up a bit. At that time I was having major hot flashes, night sweats, etc. I did notice after I drank it in the afternoon, I did not have any hot flashes for the rest of the day. Then after several months, I wrote a friend and she recommended green tea. I had already been drinking it for several months with no improvements(for all day), although I did notice improvements in the endometriosis. It took probably a year before I noticed a real change. I don't know if the tea really finally took hold, or if it would have happened anyway..

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@airey2 – Good morning and welcome to Connect. Have you considered drinking turmeric chai green tea? It's a double whammy as it's green and has added benefits for reducing inflammation?


No, I have not tried that flavor of tea. I have not seen it in stores.
ALso I've found out the hard way that turmeric and endometriosis don't mix. I had a ham sandwich once with mustard (which has turmeric), and got very sick.
Later I researched turmeric on WebMD and it said not to take turmeric if you have hormone sensitive diseases like endometriosis. I don't know why it is not good for endometriosis, but I learned the hard way.

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