Home Remedies for Bipolar

Posted by starry @starry, Jul 7, 2022

My daughter doesn't want to use the meds. She had been doing okay for several years by using diet, exercise, etc. But she is on the verge of a psychotic break.

I am looking into getting her help. She wants to use natural remedies / home treatment.

Does anyone have any advice for how you treat it naturally with diet, exercise, over the counter, etc.?

She's been using a lot of CBD, but that hasn't seemed to help.


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Hello @starry and welcome to Connect. I can certainly understand your concern for your daughter. I also understand her wanting to avoid mental health meds as that is often true of folks with Bipolar disorder. For some reason, mental health treatment still carries a stigma. Also, there are often side effects from taking meds for Bipolar.

Here is some information from the Mayo Clinic website titled, Bipolar Disorder. Here is the link, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bipolar-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20355955.

A good resource for both you and your daughter would be NAMI. This organization is a great resource for helping both patients and family members to understand and deal with mental illness. Here is a link to the NAMI website, https://nami.org/home. Through NAMI you can obtain information and support.

It would be good to encourage your daughter to talk with a mental health professional in order to know what her options are for treatment. Has she been evaluated by a mental health professional?


I sorry to be the one to tell you this but there is no cure for bipolar its a chemical imbalance and so for this specific disorder you can't to anything at home she needs medication and medical help and treatment


No home remedies, you need to see a doctor and get yourself medication.


I’m Bipolar type 2, believe me, there are no non-medicated alternatives, or I would know, I’ve done the same search, as I, too, do not like being on meds. I even tried going without them, doing exercise, healthy eating, etc. I went into psychosis, I was put back on meds, and it was a game changer for me.

As for CBD, I’m sure there are certain benefits. But you are dealing with a chemical imbalance here, as far as I know, meds, with therapy, are what’s giving me a life I am satisfied with. Take care.


By delaying your daughter receiving treatment due to her ambivalence about meds has only exacerbated her symptoms, which is the nature of this illness. Both she and you will be better served when she is on appropriate meds. You didn’t say whether she’s in therapy or not and I presume due to her ambivalence she is not, which is also necessary for her. She needs to learn about her illness from a professional so she can better control her emotions with the help of meds. She is at an age where treatment is very important.


I believe in medication and counseling. My son with bipolar does not. This is when it’s difficult to parent – especially when they are adults. Thank you for sharing @esme66. Sometimes things have to get real bad before the one with bipolar wants help. That’s what I’m hoping for. Good luck @starry.

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