My gf has HLHS and I'm extremely worried about survival past 30

Posted by sanchezbraden @sanchezbraden, Nov 23, 2021

My gf has HLHS and im extremely worried about survival past 30. Is there anything that she can do to improve chances of survival?

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Hi @sanchezbraden, I can imagine that you're worried about the statistics that say people with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) have a shorter life expectancy. You obviously care about your girlfriend very much. Have you had an open and honest talk with her about how she can improve her chances of survival? I'm sure she has thought about this a lot. She's probably talked about it with her cardiologist and her health care team a lot too. They've probably talked about medical options and also lifestyle like activity, sleep and diet.

In this HLHS blog on Mayo Clinic Connect, you can read the first hand blog posts by 26 year old Gabrielle Wanek. Just put Gabrielle into the blog's search bar to see all her posts. I like this one:
– Gabrielle Wanek: HLHS can't stop me from being in the marching band

Your girlfriend has lived with HLHS her whole life. But it is new for you. I'm confident that she would like to talk to you about your fears. It shows you care.

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