Posted by amberpep @amberpep, Dec 30, 2016

Hi all …. I’ve always been hive-prone, but I have not had any since I moved from MD to here in VA. I took allergy shots for 10 years and they worked! No more seasonal allergies.
These things just showed up this AM, from my elbow on down on my hands. They’re driving me nuts! I’m taking Benadryl, using the Benadryl liquid for the itch. I’m about to head to the shower – lukewarm to cool, and see if that helps. If these things don’t improve by tomorrow, I’ll have to go to one of those walk-in medical centers ….. it will probably take Prednisone.
Ye gads ….. these things are making me nuts!

Hi @amberpep, how are the hives looking today? Did the Benadryl help?

Well, they’re definitely better, but yesterday I forgot 2 of the 3 Prednisone pills, so they started up again this morning. I saw a doctor at a MedExpress on Sat. and he has me on Prednisone – 2 rounds of it; Singulair (for wheezing) and Zantac which he said even though it’s a med. for ulcers and stomach problems, they have found it also is good in attacking the H-2 whereas the Zyrtec, Benadryl, etc. attack H-1. I don’t understand what all I just said, but that’s what he told me. He agrees that it probably was overload of cat dander when I was at the SPCA. They have 25 cats in cages in a very small room, and I’m sure the dander is a-flying! Thanks so much for asking Jamie.

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