I haven't had the surgery but my sister-in-law had it in 2018. They did surgery for cancerous abscess in her abdomen and then HIPEC. She was in her early 70's when she had the surgery and HIPEC, and had chemo in the fall of 2019 as prevention for recurrance and is doing very well, in fact, she and my brother are heading to Israel 1/19/2020. Of course she was in great shape when she had this all done, which is an important factor.

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@virgo 1952. Always nice to hear a recovery story. I have a question for anyone out there who might have had the same situation or knowledge that I don’t have. I’ve shared with others that after my colon resection I finally was tested for c-diff and it was positive. I probably had it when I was discharged home after the surgery. So, I had a round of antibiotics for ten day’s and the dr prescribed another round for ten days. So, I’m three days into my second round. My question is: when I Asked about the follow up, the nurse told me she the dr read going to make a referral to a gastro specialist if I was still having loose bowels and frequency issues. Anyone else have this happen? I’m curious in the fact that a colon resection would lead to a digestive condition (colitis, IBS, crohns???) I’m thinking my bowel is so irritated with 2 1/2 months poor eating and crazy eating schedule (not eating so I could get out to my appts) fasting for colonoscopy, exploratory, surgery, etc.I wondering if it could be managed by diet and would resolve itself in time. Anyone have any words of wisdom for me?


Hello All:
I listened to this Mayo Clinic video about HIPEC surgery for ovarian cancer. I thought you might find it helpful. Here is the link,

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