Hip replacement or Bursa Problem

Posted by OTTADV @ottadv, May 23 10:01am

I am waiting for a right hip replacement after several years of pain in my hip. There is not bad bone-on-bone but arthritis and moderate labrum tears are clear in MRI.

The pain over last two years has been up and down. I did rehab for Bursa, did shots into joint and bursa. Each brought some relief. Now my hip is not near as painful but a nuisance when I walk and pain in back. I have also had spinal fusion. Any similar experiences?

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I hope you get some responses. I read threads about your condition due to my mom’s situation. She has bone on bone in 1 hip, but pain is only in thigh. Seeing ortho today for options and pain relief. She wants to avoid surgery. She’s 83.

Good luck with your surgery. I have a cousin who had a hip replacement and she did very well.


My right hip has lots of arthritis in it plus the bursitis so I went to physical therapy and they showed me a stretch to do to lessen the pain in my bursa and exercise to do for my hip , I faithfully do them every day and it helps a lot . I’ve had hip replacement in the other hip but now I’m 79 and moved in with my daughter so I don’t have to clean house or cook every night or and that helps too ha but not sure yet whether I’m going to do the operation I have chronic back as well so have to deal with that every day too


I had right hip replacement about 6 months ago. I am doing fine but now my left hip is bothering me. Probably will have to do that one but not for awhile


@ottadv Hello - you story could be mine before hip replacement.
Hip, back and even knee pain - was treated for bursitis of the hip and back pain - shots, PT, stretching, rest, ice, exercise...for 5 years. Each of these was a "bandaid" - worked for while, then less and less, finally not at all. I was only in my early 50's, slender and active - nobody thought of the joint, until I could no longer walk up stairs normally and x-rays of my back revealed significant damage both hip joints. Both hips were replaced (6 weeks apart - I recommend a longer wait) and I had total relief, including the lower back and knees. Turns out limping and compensating stresses the entire lower body.
So, when the time comes that the shots don't provide comfort, go for it.


Very helpful. Thank you.

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