High oxilaytes? High histamines

Posted by johnbluffside @johnbluffside, Jul 12, 2022

Anyone have success reducing these to decrease body fatique, , pain and headaches?
How did you go about reducing? Did you work with a registered dietician ?
Chart you followed?

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Hey @johnbluffside, I have definitely heard that it can lower pain levels.

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The sharp edged crystals can really damage the gut and that is only exacerbated by surgeries such as gallbladder removal. Have you had any digestive surgeries?


I have been making a point to purchase the freshest foods I can afford because I read that older foods contain more oxalates than fresher ones. I am also being far more conscientious about taking dairy foods with each meal, as this is said to help with oxalate reduction. An earlier post on Connect had recommended developing a set of file cards to keep track of your various meal plans and taking these file cards to the market for reference. Checking in with a good dietitian if you haven't already can help one avoid going astray, and offer new food suggestions should you find yourself falling into a rut.

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