Anyone have high liver numbers in bloodwork after Whipple?

Posted by crickard70 @crickard70, Apr 20 7:28am

Wondering if anyone has high liver tests after the Whipple? I am 2 years with high numbers and get a pain in my right side, under ribs. My gastrointestinal said is because I had the Whipple? I am talking about AST,ALT and Alkaline Phosphatase. Thinking about seeing another gastroenterologist and liver specialist. Thank you

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My understanding is that your numbers are basically normal. A little bit higher is not a big deal at all, which is good.

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I thought so too but the gastroenterologist is watching them. My blood sugars are high at night over 200, just had bloodwork, hoping it is the high glucose levels making me feel so yucky. I am still having enzyme issues and Ceron can make blood sugars go up.

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