High levels of TPO Antibodies - Do I definitely have Hashimoto's?

Posted by wonderwall12345 @wonderwall12345, Mar 21 2:47pm

Hi all,

I recently received my blood test results after ongoing issues (mentioned here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/is-it-possible-auto-immune-symptoms-but-normal-blood-test-results/)

My blood tests have come back normal except for Vit D (I live in Europe so not a surprise) and TPO Antibody levels of 58 (normal range according to my doctor is 16-34). My doctor told me these results over the phone but has not told me what they mean. I am scheduled to meet with a rheumatologist but this will only happen in May at the earliest.

Do these blood results mean I definitely have Hashimoto's? Is there anyway I could get these results and not have Hashimoto's? My TSH and T4 is normal, which from my research suggests I may have Hashimoto's but not hypothyroidism - am I understanding this correctly? At what point would a doctor actually diagnose someone with Hashimoto's? Is there some other test I need in order to be sure?

Thank you!!

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I’m sorry you’re suffering. I have hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s disease. My TSH when tested was off the charts and my TPO antibodies were almost 600! I definitely have both! I have been treated with Synthroid 112 mcg and I was on Cytomel to treat my hashimoto’s, but it has come down, so I’m off of that now. I didn’t see a T3-Free test done on your blood work up. That is the test for hashimoto’s. The value for T3 should be 0 and mine was almost 600! You are deficient in Vitamin D, so add 5,000 IU daily. Your TPO antibodies are high if that’s what your doctor told you it was. In my opinion, you should be seeing an Endocrinologist, not a Rheumatologist, unless you have RA (rheumatoid arthritis). So to sum this up, you should see an endocrinologist, unless your general practitioner will run the blood test on T3-Free. If this number is over 0, you have hashimoto’s. I have learned how to control mine by diet. I have eliminated several foods that trigger it; dairy, soy, gluten. My weight has come down significantly and I do feel better. I wish you well!


I have Hashimotos. My thyroid antibodies are very high. My doctor ordered a thyroid ultrasound. The tech was able to tell me immediately that I have Hashimotos based on the images. I'd suggest requesting an ultrasound.
Take care.


No the low end value of TPO is not definitive for Hashimoto’s.
Thyroid antibodies are a common indicator of autoimmunity.
An ultrasound is easy to have done.

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