Hiatal Hernia Open Surgery

Posted by mbcarrei @mbcarrei, Jan 8 2:53pm

Has anyone had hiatal hernia surgery
( open surgery with mesh)that could not be done laparoscopically? I’m 71 and it is recommended but not mandatory to get. I can’t eat without having to throw up part of meal- mostly liquids. I take a pill daily. If I want better quality of life it was recommended to have surgery. At my age I am very active so don’t want to wait. Would like to know about the Open Surgery with mesh. How hard is it to recover? Thanks

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Hello @mbcarrei, Welcome to Connect. A better quality of life is important. I had similar concerns this past November when I had an open bilateral inguinal hernia surgery using mesh done. The left side was worse than the right and they originally wanted to do 2 surgeries with six week recovery in between but I talked with a different surgeon who agreed with me that it would be better for one recovery period. I had my surgery done at Rochester Mayo and was pretty much recovered in mid December. I too was hoping for laproscopic but the surgeon said it was too big to fix using laproscopic. I'm 79 and not terribly active but I do try to keep a daily exercise regime going to help with mobility. I have to be careful to stay away from constipation so that I don't undo the surgery which was the main concern with the mesh according to my surgeon.

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Here's some information I found on the topic:
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It sounds like you are in pretty good health and are active which I think would be a plus for having a good recovery. Have you talked with the surgeon or care team about recovery time and what to expect?

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