Anxiety with chest pain and gastrointestinal issues

Posted by hassana725 @hassana725, Sep 24, 2020

hi my names hassan im 16. lately for the last 2 months I've been having chest pain and anxiety. It started in late july i was out with my family and i had a sudden feeling of my heart getting squeezed and so later that day i went to the hospital they did an ECG and X ray and i was fine. From then on I've had anxiety especially since I've been perfectly fine besides a decently unhealthy life style. A few days later had chest pain ever since it happened went to the doctors and told me it could be bacause growing pain in my chest and acid reflux and found out that im most likely lactose intolerant. From then i took tums for 2 weeks and omeprazole to help. Prior to the event that i happened a few months before that i was having ear pain that my ENT cant find the cause of and so i took ibuprofen for a week or 2. The doctor thought that might be the reason. Fast foward a month later still chest pain anxiety slightly better i went out to get a desk and i had worrisome thoughts because i tend to worry and i was carrying as well so i had what i assume a panic attack that was very short. I had an extremely fast heartrate and felt weak. A week later i think i had another panic attack i was very worried had a bad feeling so i went to the hospital and they did another ECG took a urine sample and did a chem 8 blood test and i was perfectly healthy. After that my anxiety was starting to calm down a lot more lately with what happened they told me to breath if i feel anxious. A day later i went to the doctors about my ongoing chest pain and anxiety and he told me that my chest pain is probably because of anxiety and possible gastrointestinal problems and growing pain. He sent a referral and i got an appointment to go to a gastrointestinal office and get it checked tomorrow and i am waiting on a therapy office to look at my application. I have a sleep study scheduled for October 4th for possible sleep apnea to see about my ear pain that happened before. Also i have a physical coming up in a month. Right now i still have some anxiety that sometimes flares up when i feel some chest pain or a heart palpation i usually calm my self and tell myself its just my brain but i cant help but worry sometimes im wondering what the exact problem is? If i should get further evaluation about my heart and how has my chest pain started ever since that event took place to me it would make sense if i had gradual chest pain but not from an event 2 months ago and ever since I've been dealing with chest pain. I came here to sort of get some things off my mind to help with my anxiety and to maybe get some others opinions on what i should do.

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I have had issues like that, but I haven't had anything serious from it. So I would assume it is fine. In my case it is probably due to stress and how it can affect physical health such as eating unhealthy or lack of excersize it nutrients.

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Yeah ever since covid I haven't had a healthy lifestyle so that might be one thing.


I went through exact heart palpitations, tightness in chest, panic attacks, migraines, HI issues…and more. After seeing every specialist I could including multiple trips to ER, I finally went to psychiatrist as a last ditch effort. By the way, I had all of those symptoms for over a 1 1/2 year period with absolutely no relief. The Psych listened to my issues and started me on an (MAO) Nardil. After approximately 6 weeks I felt better than I had my whole life with no more issues. I was 25 then….fast forward to now at age 63. I was having trouble with sleep talking, walking and never felt rested. I felt like the Nardil was no longer King, I was taken off Nardil 2 years a go and have yet to find any similar relief. I get regular check ups and know I am fine, but once again am getting heart palpitations, tightness in chest, anxiety and panic attacks, but recognize what these are associated with. I no longer feel I am the same person I was 3 years ago. I am moving forward with different Psych's and medications and hoe helps a great deal. I think you may benefit from Xanax, Lorazepam or Klonopin which helps with anxiety and panic. Keep moving forward and eventually you will find what is right for you. Best wishes

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