i just want to know the cure to my acne

Posted by eyah @eyah, Jul 13, 2015

Hi im eyah 15 yrs old. i just want to know the cure to my acne because its worst. it started when i was 3rd yr highschool and now im 4rth yr highschool and its worse. ive tried many products but didnt work. i go to dermatologist but their medications makes my acne worst and that my biggest mistake. i want to go back my clear and smooth face but i dont know what to do and my acne makes me lack of confidence to face peoples. pls help me T.T thanks and godbless.

Hi eyah. There several remedies and things you can do at home to help manage acne. I’ve included a link below which should be helpful. It also has some good information about the causes of acne, which may help you recognize some of the triggers. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/acne/basics/lifestyle-home-remedies/con-20020580

Hi, eyah, Believe me, acne is a stubborn problem to deal with. I’ve also found that treatment can be expensive. Having suffered from acne since about age 15, I’ve tried just about everything without ever knocking it out completely. I’ve taken antibiotics until I tired of them. They worked fine as long as I took them, but within a couple of days of stopping taking them, the acne began again. I finally just quit taking the antibiotics in hopes of not developing germs immune to them. In recent years, I’ve discovered effective over the counter medications, benzoyl peroxide and salicytic acid at The Dollar Tree stores at much lower prices (1$) than in pharmacies. True, the concentrations may be less, but used regularly they effectively prevent infections.

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