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Hepatitis c

Posted by @philliparagon in Infectious Diseases, Nov 22, 2012

I was just told today i have Hepatitis c. I am 59 unemployed male, no medical ins. living in Las Vegas ...what now?
no symptoms

Tags: Infectious Disease, hepatitis C


Posted by @anon44072867, Jun 5, 2013

You will be fine, it depend on how is your liver doing. If your enzymes


Posted by @anon44072867, Jun 5, 2013

If your liver enzymes doing good you are okay


Posted by @missoula, Jul 16, 2013

You dont have to worry about it since you have
No symptons yet.The cure is avalible and the
Good news is that there will be a vaccine for heps c
Shortly.It will be released by January next year so it
Will be God gift in Xmas.The new vaccine is called
INO-8000 Synclon developd by INOVIO company
Good luck

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