Hep C patients donating to non Hep C patients

Posted by hopeful143 @hopeful143, Aug 24, 2019

Hi all,
My family and I were recently informed that patients who had Hep C are now eligible to be liver donors to those who do not have Hep C. The patient receiving the Hep C donor liver would then develop Hep C full blow but would be treated for it once it kicks into full gear. There is a 98% cure rate however. Does anyone know anything about this? Or know of someone who had this done? Any information would be extremely helpful and appreciated!!

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Not Hep C but I was the recipient of a Hep B antibody positive organ. I am currently 4 months post transplant and am currently doing well. I was able to be transplanted with a lower MELD since My family and I decided to accept a “higher risk” organ if one became available. My doctors indicted this seems to be a nonissue with medication which is lifelong .


Rodney9999, I received high risk liver transplant 13 months ago. The organ came with the cytomeglavirus. I was on anti-virals for 3 months intavenios and 7 months oral meds. Now I am virus free. Are there meds to eliminate hep.B from your system?


@hopeful143, Welcome to Mayo Connect.
I am a patient and I have no medical training. I am not familiar with this topic about organ donation and liver transplant. I did find this April 14, 2016 Webmd article, I wonder if this is what was being referred to?
Do you have a personal interest in Liver donation and transplant? Yourself? Family member? Friend? Mayo Connect has a toolkit for living organ donors and recipients that might be helpful as search for useful information. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/transplant/tab/newsfeed/

I hope to hear from you soon.

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