HELP with itching on back, stomach, breast and neck!

Posted by jaydeedavis @jaydeedavis, Aug 10, 2018

I have been to my regular doctor and had a cortisone shot, steroid pack and still itching. Then I went to another doctor and they could not figure it out. Went to my OBGYN and she did blood work and all autoimmune, liver, and other panel related tests were fine. Then I went to my Dermatologist who has checked for everything like lice, bed bugs, scabies and nothing found and all negative. First I thought the heat, but then I am making sure I am not getting hot. Still bumps and itching:( Been going on few a few months now!!!:(

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Not sure if that means all over your body, as mine does and has for years. As prednesone is dangerous and I’ve had too many doses, I live on antihistamine, literally and daily, six a day to survive. Finally diagnosed with an actual condition after all these years; mast cell disorder. This is where the skin cells instead of holding histamine as we are made to do, releases it through the walls. It’s horrible and effects many times a year, most times with severe rash and breakouts even on the face. Anybody have the same condition keeping in mind the itch is unbearable.


Hello @jaydeedavis,

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Have you been tested for food intolerances (especially gluten), @jaydeedavis?


At first my torso rash on stomach, back, neck and chest was treated as my original form of eczema, Allergic Contact Dermatitis, ACD. The 5 Day extended patch test given by a specially licensed derm. or allergist can verify if you now have become allergic to contacts in your environment that previously didn't bother you. That being said, none of the ACD treatments helped; steroids did nothing. Also baffling was that I had my ACD symptoms controlled elsewhere in and on my body. I went to a new doctor who took one look and said I had Grover's Disease or Transient Acantholytic Dermatosis, my derm said she only gets to see about 2 new cases a year. This is a unique and less common form of eczema which has specific triggers and requires different treatments which help minimize but cannot control the rash. Go to a New Zealand site which has a simple and complete explanation. I'm going on year 3 with this. It is chronic, but several meds have minimized or stalled new pustule breakouts. I have also been forced to alter my outdoor lifestyle to avoid or at least minimize heat, sweat and friction. That being said I have had recurrences start in Feb. a cool time of the year. My first breakout lasted 1 year, yet subsequent break outs have been different, from 25%-75% less painful and itchy (yet now I am treating correctly) and have lasted no more than 6 months. Right now Grover's free for 2 months. The NZ website lists commonalities among those that develop Grover's. I met 4 out of 5, as #5 is that there are more males than females that develop this chronic eczema disease. If anyone has eczema the NZ site is the best I have found.

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