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Posted by meningone @meningone, Jan 12 8:55pm

I've been going to so many different Drs over the years. I'm exhausted. Had a discussion with my rheumatologist today. With all my problems and pain I am ANA negative but am in so much chronic pain since bacterial meningitis in 2018. Also health has declined dramatically. Terrible weight loss, and multiple problems to my lungs. She told me today my last resort would be to try to get into the Mayo Clinic or anything similar. For a team of Drs to work together. I live in NE TN and when I did a Google search it said the closest Mayo was Wisconsin which is 17 hrs away from me. Does anyone know if there is one closer? I can't do a 17 hr drive if I was accepted.

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It would be much closer if you were to consider Mayo in Jacksonville, Florida. It is self referral.


@meningone, Blount Memorial Hospital in Marysville, TN is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network and may be a good choice to consider –

More information about how they work with Mayo Clinic on their announcement page here –

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