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HELP!! Reoccuring pain behind right breast, under rib cage, pelvic bone - RIGHT SIDE

Posted by @sarahjo, Sep 9, 2012

Hi, I’m a 26 year old female…had 3 pregnancies, one miscarriage…
I’ve had a sharp, stabbing pain behind/in the center of my right breast for a LONG TIME (like, maybe a couple to several years?). There’s no lump… It happens just about daily – sometimes several times a day. Sometimes the pain is very sharp & painful, other times it flares up just a bit… Possible it happens most after meals?
The pain just under my right ribcage is also sharp & stabbing, but sometimes also feels like a burning pain – feels like it’s just under the skin. Had it for several years, too. Can’t feel anything abnormal there either. I asked the doctor about this once, and she just said it was probably a pinched nerve (I was very pregnant at the time), but it had happened before my pregnancy, and it’s going on now 6 months after my son’s birth.) Possible it happens most after meals?
The pain on the right side of my pelvic bone (okay, I don’t know a whole lot about my anatomy down there – it’s the top right “corner”/edge of the bone, closest to the hip bone, if that makes any sense) is also a sharp, stabbing pain. This occurs the least frequently, but still often enough (and on the SAME SIDE) that it scares me to death!
Has anyone else ever had this happen before? What did you do? What happened? What was your diagnosis? Thanks so much!
A very frightened, Sarah



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Posted by @MakalaArce, Sep 9, 2012

To request an appointment at Mayo Clinic, call: 800-446-2279 (Arizona), 904-953-0853 (Florida); 507-538-3270 (Minnesota). Best wishes.


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Posted by @nurselady, Sep 9, 2012

Could be gall bladder.


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Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

Here is link for gall bladder inflammation:


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Posted by @anon10538916, Sep 10, 2012

Suggest you get checked out for a possible yeast infection in the breast.


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Posted by @jaimeh, Sep 17, 2012

Hi Sarah… So sorry about the pain you are having. Trust me, it’s not fun. I have been having similar pain for the past 3 years. I have been to so many doctors trying to find answers. Everyone of them have told me it is chronic abdominal pain and pretty much “live with it” A friend of mine suggested seeing a back doctor which I was reluctant to do since the pain was pretty much in the front. I ended up scheduling an appt. With a back doctor. Best decision I have ever made. He ordered a MRI on my back. Turns out I have a couple bulging discs on the middle of my spine. The discs are pressing on the nerves that attach to the ribcage up front and abdominal muscles. So my dr says that discs that have been damaged in your back can for sure cause pain in the front of your body. Maybe see if u can get in with a back doctor and see what he/she
says. I hope this helps. I understand how frustrating chronic pain with no diagnosis can be. I wish you luck Sarah. :). I’m here if you want to talk with someone who can relate! – Jaime


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Posted by @grannyjo, Sep 18, 2012

…sounds like you need to see a gastroenterologist. You’re getting differing answers because we can only share what’s familiar. I have had pains like yours — for years — that are due to a “motility disorder.” Do you also suffer from constipation?

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Posted by @katiedunn, Oct 19, 2012

Why did you think of gastro issue related to the pain under right breast? I have has that kind of pain for years but once all heart tests were fine, as well as mammogram, (i have it in both left and right breasts), I tried to just ignore. Now since March, I am having a number of GI issues which so far my PCP, GI, colorectal surgeon have been able to diagnose. I am starting to feel crazy.
Symptoms: extreme tenderness in lower left quad of colon and sometimes right. Fecal incontince, leakage, pass fecal material always when I urinate without pushing… The poop is just there when I reach back to clean myself.goopy poopy.
I now have to wear diaper 24/7. I went for colonoscopy and dr had to abort it BC she couldn’t get scope to pass thru colon. I had a markers test and after five days, none had passed and all were ‘stopped’ in lower left quad.. No surprise to me! I just want to know what is wrong and what to do. Seems a weak sphincter muscle and slow mobility have something to do w it. I also have some adhesions but dr said that was not the problem. And I have extensive diverticulosis. I am so frustrated


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Posted by @spacey, Oct 27, 2012

Pain under the rt side of your rib cage yes could be Gall Bladder disease and sometimes it can also cause one to hurt through to the back. Pain in the Rt lower Quadrant of abdomen could be an Ovarian Cysts. From you history, if you miss a period and have pain go immediately to get checked to the Emergency Room as could be a tubal pregnancy which can be life threatening.Also your Apendix is located in the Rt lower quadrant but with that you may have fever as well a pain too and maybe nausea and vomiting as symptoms vary. I think all women have some pleuritic type breast pain at time from just having breast on their chest wall. Do a test and when it hurts there support your breast firmly with your hand to see if that relieved the pain then you know that is it. I noticed you posted this in the cancer forum so you must be worried if these pains are cancer. At your young age very probably not kinda rare. Just ask your doctor about all your symptoms and he can do further test if needed.


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Posted by @gabygaryian, Mon, Sep 18 6:49pm

Hi! You just described exactly the same pain I am feeling, have you find out what is the cause?


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Posted by @oldkarl, Tue, Sep 19 11:43am

I have pain everywhere, and one serious pain currently and for years is in the are of the last rib that extends to the sternum. I had my gall bladder out about 30 years ago because of this pain. The bladder was inflamed, but otherwise OK. This did not stop the pain. Pain in this area, according to M.A. Gertz and Angela Dispenzieri, of Mayo, may be related to some form of Amyloidosis, probably from an enlarged liver or other organ. Have your doctor order a SERUM Free Light Chain protein assay and a 24-hour urine collection and protein assay., from Mayo/Bindings. It is probably not this, but at this point you need to be certain. Only an early diagnosis can help you combat the deadly disease.

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