Help me identify Itchy body rash that’s spreading

Posted by ystoffregen @ystoffregen, Apr 10 9:32am

I’m 76 and have been diagnosed with psoriasis on my feet. Coal tar completely removed symptoms. Now I have a body rash that starts on the trunk of my body and spreads. I had this once before and am including images. It’s starting again. No one can tell me what it is. They think it’s triggered by stress (my mom died and my husband fell and broke his hip in the same week recently.) Horrific itching started and I sweat a lot I don’t know if they’re related. I have an appointment at University of Chicago Dermatology, but they can’t see me till June. Coal tar ointment and soap didn’t work. Topical steroid creams didn’t help. Oral prednisone dented it a little, but when I stopped pills it flared up and is spreading. I thought maybe Grover’s? Any ideas?

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@ystoffregen, this sounds very uncomfortable. I hope the dermatology appointment gives you some answers. To prepare for that appointment, you may appreciate the knowledge shared between members in this related discussion:
– What is Grover's disease of the skin?:

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