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help i'm in a siezure I can't stop.

Posted by @suhcuddo in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 25, 2012

I've benn jerking, streathc aand scruning uncontrolable swince last fri,(the 16th) Yesterday I went to the E.R. and they gave me some stuff to calm ne doen enoughto get some sleep. but they couldn't stop it all together. Nor could they tell mke why. now i'mnstarting to go through it again and it really hurts. My brain doesn't seem to br all there, after all this time could I have hurt my brain? I can't seem to talk or walk rtight anymore. Can someone tell what's happenoing because I'm really scared. Som of the twisty jerks get reaL violent.


Posted by @misskaseyvolk, Nov 25, 2012

While in a seizure, after a certain length of time, if you are left untreated, there are certain risks that can start occurring to your brain because of the lack of oxygen being brought to the brain. Have you been diagnosed with anything yet? They shouldn't be sending you home away from medical staff if they aren't sure what is causing your seizures and unaware of how bad they could get. I would demand answers or a back up plan before leaving next time. I hope everything goes well for you 🙂


Posted by @suhcuddo, Nov 26, 2012

They say it's anxiaty, but I've been haveing spech and balance problems ever since this started. Ct scan howed nothing. And I don't know what I could be anxous about..


Posted by @anon56837187, Nov 25, 2012

Please go and see a Neurologist right away and demand a CT scan of the brain.


Posted by @suhcuddo, Nov 26, 2012

They did a ct scan in the er and said they found nothing. I went back yesterday and they are saying it's anxiaty. but I don't beloeve them. I take the pills they gave me but they don't work. since this has started I've lost my speach training and can't seem towalk right. I'm getting really scared now.


Posted by @sweetnesstalking, May 21, 2013

I so understand your problem. I had a head injury in 1999 that ended with seizures. I just had partial seizures tat were always under control. Till recently, I awoke with a migraine that messed up my speech and walking. After two hospital visits clear MRI, ct, and EEG I am sent home with this same headache relief. Just to,d your alright go on about your life...really. Then I had my first small seizure, that advanced through the next few days to full blown seizures. So off we go again, this doctor says...those aren't what.? It so happened though that morning my husband discussed with me puedoseizures. They are real seizures just not electrical ones like epilepsy. So I accepted this diagnosis. Sent away again with no change. Was given referral to Mayo. But after leaving and having a small understanding, my husband and I researched more. They can be brought on by stress, chemical embalance, hormones, menopause and in my case to high on my seizure meds. We dropped my one mec got control of the seizures. Now I am going to a menopause specialist in hopes to get the rest in order. My son told me when you start to feel funny then breathe in your nose out of your mouth. In essence hyperventilating is good to get the oxygen flowing. It also held to focus else where. It has been working for me. I hope this els you!


Posted by @bldavis25, Feb 8, 2013

read up on conversion disorder and all the came to light with me 7 months ago


Posted by @suhcuddo, Feb 8, 2013

All I can say is.....Wow! You could be right.


Posted by @suhcuddo, Feb 8, 2013

That's what I think the docs are thinking they are calling them "Sue do" seizures because they can't find anything. Thanks for the advice, I'll look it up now.


Posted by @nicncakes, Feb 23, 2013

I was diagnosed with "non epileptic seizures" or psudo seizures. To me this is only a blanket diagnosis, meaning its not technically "epilepsy" but its still a seizure caused by something. Anxiety and seizures are not the same thing and some doctors will tell you that because they dont have an easy diagnosis and thats just lazy. Anxiety can sometimes trigger a seizure but not without another underlying cause. I empathize with you. Your typing looks just like mine when I've had a seizure or a long one. Problem with most ER's is they give you stuff to get you by and then you are on your own. Im in this right now and have even been going to Mayo but non-epileptic seizures are hard to diagnose and they have taken too long. I finally found a private practice neurologist who I just met with once and he doesnt give up. If you can, please find a good neurologist who will test until he figures it out. Ive had to do a lot of my own research as well but I know what to ask about and ask them to test for now. My heart goes out to you. Its very frustrating but keep fighting and pushing doctors for results.

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