Pain leading to Seizures

Posted by tcr0315 @tcr0315, Jul 28, 2019

11/7/2018. The start of a terrible medical issue. Tooth filling possible drilled to deep. Nausea headaches started same day then that and occasional throw up. Lost of time in school. May have made it In all a week. Every time she ate she threw up headaches nausea. Strep throat find out she’s allergic to penicillin she swells up so bad 4 days later she starts having seizure. Terrible a week it was identified it is not epilepsy seizures. Great but not great cause she was having episodes that last up to 45 minutes after leaving hours. As we leave the medical facilities she having episodes. Diagnosis is at this point PNES. Frustrating cause everyone and everything is in question. But worst she’s states she is not stress nothings bothering her. Several hospital visits in the ER. Just last week 4 hospitals. We have been in and currently are in the pediatrics of Wake Med

We tried everything and she’s getting worst and seizures. Throwing up blood as well cant keep food down. What are we missing. She complains of bad headaches chest aches and right side aching. Pain so bad she seizes. EEG ekg mri ct no significant findings. Stomach X-ray and saw some poop so she was given a laxative and see if that stops the pain. Update is got the laxatives down threw up seizing for the last 5 minutes and more. No one knows what to do how to treat where to look or what to say. I offended when they go the psych road I not that willing to buy this There’s something wrong. We r still in PICU at Wake Med. I need some help input ideals

I'm sorry you are going through this. Has your child had a lumbar puncture yet (spinal tap)? Sometimes they can offer answers if the doctors can't find anything.

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