Help for Many Keloids!

Posted by ricksraleigh @ricksraleigh, Oct 21, 2016

As I grow older, more keloids appear on my chest an back! I know that if I get them removed, they probably will come back larger! I am scared to do low level radiation on my chest and back!

Hello @ricksraleigh,

I understand your frustration; keloids can have many different causes that can vary from person to person.
I found two very good articles, from Mayo Clinic that were published in the Chicago Tribune, Here are the links:

New Hope In fighting Against Body Scars:
Several Methods Can Stop Wildly Growing Keloids:

I also found this research publication that goes over some possible treatments/drugs available:
Have you tried speaking with a dermatologist?


Thank you for taking time to respond! Hopefully, keloids will not be a problem always!

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