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Hello there! (I'm not sure if I am supposed to post this [...]

Posted by @aeta in Healthy Living, Mar 1, 2015

Hello there!
(I'm not sure if I am supposed to post this here)

I'm 18 years old and I am having an issue which I assume is "Sleep Terror" but it doesn't really fit well. One year ago (Exactly), I stood out of bed while running and shouting very loudly, completely unaware of what's happening and when I got back to my senses, everyone in the house was scared and confused but not as bad I was. I literally didn't know what happened or what I was dreaming before that "episode" started, but I just didn't care about it and moved on. A couple of days ago, and after a full year, the same thing occurred again with me being confused after being woken up. I searched the internet about it, and it fits with Sleep Terror mostly, but NONE of the causes are actually true for me. I don't have depression, anxiety and my sleeping is pretty okay (6-8 hours) so I am wondering what it could be and should I be worried about it.


Tags: sleep disorders

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