My 72 year old husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Posted by vboltin @vboltin, Mar 19, 2016

Hello, I'm new to the Diabetes group. My 72 year old husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes this week. I'm interested in this group so I can educate myself and help him become healthier. We've received close to zero help from the diagnosing doctor so are looking for a new one already. Do you recommend we seek another internal medicine physician or an endocrinologist?

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@vboltin , I recommend that you and you husband watch a YouTube video called "Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days". I hope you will look it up and find it as helpful as I did. Also, for reading, I recommend Joel's book, "End of Diabetes". I bought mine as an audio book, but it is available in hard copy and in Kindle, whichever you prefer. You can order it on amazon. Both the book and the video has helped me immensely. I used to be pre-diabetec. Now, my blood sugar is back within the normal limits (under 100). Reversing diabetes is really possible. It just requires change in our life-style: to eat healthy and to stay physically active (loose weight). Best wishes to you both.

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Be careful with this advise. I just watched my husband work diligently to lose 50lbs to get back to his goal weight, exercised every day, gave up all alcohol, and changed his diet. He had no symptoms. He no longer checked his blood sugars and did not take any diabetes medications. Imagine his shock when he had his labs drawn last week and his A1C was 17 and his blood sugar was 356!!! <br><br>

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