Hello, a grey dot under my knuckle?

Posted by mikemac @mikemac, Sep 9, 2012

I have had this grey dot under my knuckle for about 5-6 years (i know, starting this a little late). It has grown about 25% since I first noticed it. I have no idea what it is. It doesn't cause me any pain to pick down to it, and it just heals right back up and remains the grey dot. I have a history of lots of cuts/lacerations to my knuckles and hand and they always have a hard time healing. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it might. It almost looks like moldy skin, or a rock, I am not sure how to explain it. It is not convex, it is flat with my skin. I had to pick through about two layers of skin to reach it. Once i pick down to it, it gets red under the surface. It looks like a blood blister, that may have resided for years or something. I am going to attach a picture of it with this post:


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Hello there, Mikemac,
Why haven't you gone to a doctor to have it checked out?? Just 'scolding you' a little bit! 🙂 ... but in a caring way.
You are very fortunate, that by picking at it, you haven't gotten a serious infection -- which means you most likely have a very good immune system. That's good!
The doctor would order labs to test for whatever this anomaly is ... and then either remove it (it won't hurt!--they'll do this pain free!) or give you a medication to heal it. Just go to the doctor!
Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!


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