Transverse Myelitis & Side-effects

Posted by heidebyrne911 @heidebyrne911, Jun 8, 2019

Hi everyone, I ‘m looking for info about a connection between myelitis transverse and rapidly reducing vision.

Hello @heidebyrne911, welcome to Connect. You may notice I changed the name of your discussion to "Transverse Myelitis & Side-effects," to let other Connect members know more specifically what you are sharing about. I'd like to invite @therannmann and @ann123 to this discussion as they have both posted recently about being diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

@heidebyrne911, while we wait for others to come and share their experiences, would you mind sharing a bit more yourself? If you are comfortable sharing, have you discussed this issue with your provider? Have they discussed the affects of transverse myelitis with you?


Hi, @heidebyrne911 – just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going?

Here is some Mayo Clinic information on transverse myelitis that may be helpful

I'd also like to invite @bettysue @reb2011 @adam782002 @julius to join this conversation. julius, you'd mentioned a gentleman who gave a website that showed a therapy for this disease. It's possible this could have been @johnbishop, or he may possibly know of other resources.

You'd talked about rapidly reducing vision and a connection to transverse myelitis. Assuming you were inquiring about yourself or for a loved one, what is your or their vision like currently?


Hi, @heidebyrne911 – here is some information I've found out for transverse myelitis physical therapy.

Are there guidelines for exercising when you have TM?
Why a Person with TM Should Consider Physical Therapy
Physiotherapy for Transverse Myelitis

There seems to be a connection between vision loss and transverse myelitis. Have you discussed it with your doctor?

NIH – Neuromyelitis optica


Anyone here been diagnosed with transverse myalitis?


Anyone here been diagnosed with transverse myalitis?

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Hi @mariagraski, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You'll notice that I moved your message to this existing discussion about transverse myelitis. I did this so you can see the information shared by other members and to also invite @adam782002 @timk1965 @therannmann @gigiraj and @aathins into the discussion.

Maria, what did you experience with transverse myelitis? Do you have lingering complications?

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