Heavy Feeling Knee-to-Toe Post TKR

Posted by maryliza @maryliza, Jun 3 10:36pm

One week after surgery I was experiencing pain and numbness in my left foot and big toe. My foot would curl in on itself. Surgeon said give it time. (I queried about this in an earlier post.)

It’s been nine weeks since my left knee replacement and I now feel “heaviness” from the knee to calf to foot and my big toe feels like it’s asleep. If I stand for 15 minutes the foot goes numb and toe becomes painful. My PT says it could be nerve damage. My ROM is 128 and flex is 0. I can move my foot and toes but do feel tingles when I do.

Any suggestions on if I should give this more time in hopes the heaviness/numbness resolves or call the surgeon?

Thank you!

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