Heart issues with menopause

Posted by tkdesign @tkdesign, Sep 22 8:05am

Almost 52, enduring already 4-5 yrs of perimenopause, and now as I get towards the tail end of that, having lot of problems with racing heart, oversensitivity of my heart it seems to the littlest movement or stress, resting heart rate being much higher than it has most my life and very uncomfortable. I don't have any underlying heart disease, eat healthy, always was active. I do have a pacemaker long term for childhood rhythm issues, but only this year I started having crazy resting heart rates and all the rest. My heart drs not finding anything "abnormal" as of yet, but I think it's menopause related. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing and how do you treat it? Does it eventually get better or go away? I'm also on HRT but it feels like that's not helping fully with meno symptoms.

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