How does one determine if the sounds you hear are real or tinnitus?

Posted by awilst @awilst, Aug 16, 2021

how does one determine if the sounds you hear are real or tinnitus? I wear hearing aids , & have had high pitch/light ringing tinnitus for years.
Recently I have begun to hear very loud low pitch motor idle, rumble sounds. these noises seem to start & stop at regular times. usually begin at 2 am & run till 6 am, (with few exception). (POOL PUMP??). I can almost feel the vibration in floor or bed when they occur.
wife says she does not hear it or feel it.
I have double hip replacement in me, so metal resonates energy. not sure if that is why I could be sensitive???
I downloaded several decible meters to phone & so far, cellphone says low decibles, but lots of frequency activity , up to 2.5k. not sure how to proceed. any ideas.
I saved the data so if anyone out there is sound engineer I can send saved screen shots of db.
went to ent guy, got sluffed off. didnt want to deal with question.
ps also wondering about infarsound??

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anyone feel the vibrations? like when your on a ship? I can hear & feel the vibs??? wife cant???
audi says if you feel it its real?? ent guy no help. who specializes in this stuff?


I block my ears with my fingers. If the sounds are louder then it is tinnitus you are hearing. If the sounds are lessened by blocking your ears then it’s not the tinnitus you are hearing.

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