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Posted by chasmayhear @chasmayhear, Jun 10, 2020

I'm an older man and have one issue that I am looking for information on. My hearing was recently diagnosed with hearing loss, especially of the higher frequencies. I was told that my hearing test indicated nerve hearing loss common for my age. I had gotten a CAT scan looking for other issues.

If I pressurize my ears (Valsalva Maneuver, I believe) there is a great but brief improvement in my higher frequency response. I was seeing an ear specialist and asked him about it. There was no available information.

I find that hearing the high frequency sound response improve so strongly from simply pressurizing my ears does not seem consistent with 'nerve hearing loss'.

I have tried searching and get nowhere. I noted that the carotid artery passes next to my ear and that the Valsalva Maneuver has some complex effects on blood pressure. What is known about this?

If you have any information that might apply please post.


I think you are right in questioning your hearing loss as “ nerve hearing loss”. The Valsalvar Maneuver is what divers use to equalize the pressure in their inner ear and some people do this in airplanes also. The fact that you hear better when you do the maneuver seems to me that you may have an Eustachian tube dysfunction and get temporary relief because the pressure is equalized for a brief time. I’m not a medical expert but I have a legitimate sensorineural hearing loss and have had many bouts of Otis Media. I know when I have an infection in the Eustachian tube I lose some hearing . I never did the maneuver but I did put pressure on the outside of my ear or push the hearing aid mold further in to getting some improvement in hearing.
The maneuver does increase blood pressure and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with a heart condition.
You can have an infection and not know it. I always suspect an infection or inflammation when my hearing changes and I am usually right.

Maybe if you research Eustachian Tube Dysfunction along with Valsalvar Maneuver you might come across some more information. Don’t rush into buying hearing aids. I had an aunt over 30 years ago who was told she needed a hearing aid. She bought it and it didn’t help and one day her ears popped. Hearing was back to normal.

That’s about all I think I “know”.

Good luck
FL Mary

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