Hearing Loss

Posted by Gaybinator @gaybinator, Aug 7, 2017

We thought that my husband’s hearing loss was chemo/radiation related. I’d been encouraging a hearing test for months. Finally, 2 weeks ago , he agreed to go to an ENT. Turns out that since his primary care physician retired 3 years ago, no one had cleaned his ears. The wax was so hard we had to put drops in twice a day for the last two weeks. Today it was removed. Now he is telling me I don’t have to yell!

As laughable as it is, it had caused a lot of unnecessary friction, with him constantly turning tv/radio up to “scream” and hurting MY ears. If you are caring for someone with hearing loss, HAVE THEM CHECKED!

Great hint, @gaybinator Thank you! These hints and tips can be so incredibly helpful to others!

Thanks for sharing!

Strength, Courage, & Peace


Thanks for sharing such a simple solution to such a troublesome problem!


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