Hearing in a barrel

Posted by happylady @happylady, Sep 2, 2020

I’ve worn hearing aids for 5 years. 2 months Ago my ears felt dry and were itchy. Then I went to a shooting range. Didn’t wear my hearing aids because I put protective eye plugs in. After 30 minutes we left. I took my ear plugs out and couldn’t not hear my husband. Without my hearing aids I hear only muffled sounds. With hearing aids I can hear but it’s like everyone is in a barrel. Even my own voice. But to make it stranger. I can hear light rain but not thunder. I can hear birds. If my husband put the blower of car a/c on high it sounds like a jet taking off. Has anyone else had this problem

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Do you have a copy of your audiogram? It sounds like you may have reverse slope hearing loss.


Do you have a copy of your audiogram? It sounds like you may have reverse slope hearing loss.

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I don’t but I can get one. I’ll do that next.


@terrtfkys4 Thank you for posting this article. Now I understand my particular hearing loss much better. I had thought that my loss was the same as everyone else's but now I better realize the complexity of different kinds of hearing losses. I have good speech recognition and was surprised to read that it's a happy thing with this particular kind of loss – and that unfortunately others cannot get to this point.as easily even with profound hearing loss as I have. An ENT doctors when told that I have had a severe to profound hearing loss forever did not believe me because of my normal speech patterns. I'm an amateur musician and never could understand why I can't sing on pitch – now I know!

With my Widex aids I have the ability to deliberately dial in more bass and that changes my world of hearing (for the better). I can hear the cellos and basses in a chamber music concert. Truly amazing and wonderful. My daughter and son-in-law are professional violinists

Julie and Tony and others – thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and understanding.

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