Do hearing aids work if you have Cochlear hydrops or Meniere's?

Posted by codyk @codyk, Mar 23 12:51pm

Do hearing aids work if you have cochlear hydrops and/or Meniere's?

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Hi @codyk, I'm bringing fellow members who have experience with Meniere's and hearing aids into this dicussion like @luko27 @morninglory @estrada53 @coppermoon @joyces.

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Do you currently use hearing aids?


Yes, I have hearing aids but not working well with my current condition. Once the doctors stabilize my hearing and I have more tests to find out if I have any other underlying conditions contributing to my sudden hearing loss, I will look into the newer technology of hearing aids. My hearing aids are over 10 years old. Thank you all for your support. These forums have been so helpful.

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