Head and neck cancer

Posted by lisa_sj99 @lisa_sj99, Aug 26, 2016

My husband diagnosed with hypopharyngeal cancer in late June. He had a tonsillectomy and the right tonsil was removed. He will be ready for radiation and chemo treatment next week. Based on our research, we have decided for him to be treated with Proton Pencil Beam radiation in San Diego. Have anyone has the similar cancer and treated with proton radiation? I heard there are still many side effects (I.e. Dry mouth, swelling, skin irritation and fatigue etc.) with proton treatment. What do you use to alleviate the side effects? Thanks!


Hello. First time here. I am 2/3 years out from 2nd head and neck cancer recurrence. My cancer started on the left side of my tongue, recurred there once again and then recurred on the left buccal mucosa. It’s hard to know what will happen next – doctors seem to be tight lipped about making any predictions. Is anyone else in this position?

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@adriennef Hello Adriene! I thought I would read some of your posts in order to learn more about you. Girl, you are a miracle, and an extraordinary woman. I am very glad that joined the Connect group as a mentor. I can see where you can be the bright beaken of hope for those who are going through something so scary. For all that you have gone through, I wish I could send you a thousand hugs. -Terri

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