Have your copper levels been checked?

Posted by memesedona @memesedona, Mar 1 10:22am

Yes, MDS is defective bone marrow not producing enough healthy cells. There is a correlation between low WBC and low levels of copper. I have gone to 3 oncologist ( for opinions) not one checked copper. A naturopathic checked mine. Borderline low. My searching lead me to ASH and NIH sites with articles correlating the two. Wouldn’t it be advisable to monitor copper levels along with CBC? Use copper supplements ? See if WBC improve if copper levels improve? This watch and wait approach is stressful.

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I am on the wait and watch approach too, for hairy cell leukemia. At diagnosis the doc wanted to immediately get me started on chemo. I decided to wait and do some research. Changing my diet and adding some supplements has brought all of my numbers back into the normal range except for rbc’s and platelets, which are improving but way slower than the rest. I don’t have any issues with bruising, bleeding or clotting but the fatigue and lack of energy is what I really want to get rid of. My O2 stats are perfect which I thought would be low because of the rbc’s role in moving oxygen to where it needs to be. I’ve wondered about the copper relationship but haven’t added any supplements containing it, nor have I asked my primary doc about it. He admits that they didn’t learn much about what to eat or any supplements. He’s retiring in a year and is frustrated that they weren’t taught more about diet. 30+ years of writing scripts because part of their education was left out. Time for some more research.


Thanks for the reply. I found a naturopathic doctor. They focus on diet and supplements. A functional medicine doctor does also. I’m getting lots of opinions. I have gone to 3 oncologists. Before I put chemicals in my body I’m want opinions.

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