Have You Discussed Your Hearing Loss With Your Primary Care Doctors?

Posted by Julie, Volunteer Mentor @julieo4, Jul 29, 2022

Does your primary care specialist ask about your hearing? Do they give you advice if you mention it?

There has been considerable concern that hearing loss is ignored or disregarded by medical professionals who treat us for other health issues. Much of this may be due to misinformation about treatments, and/or lack of information about hearing loss in the medical studies curriculum.

This recent study may be of interest: https://journals.lww.com/otology-neurotology/Fulltext/9900/Hearing_Health_Perceptions_and_Literacy_Among.33.aspx

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This is a great article and discussion topic, @julieo4. My primary care doctor always asks me about hearing and vision.


Good to know your PCD asks. Many don't. This is a concern, so it's good to know they are researching this. Yes, the article is quite interesting.

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