Meningioma - I'm scared to watch and wait

Have had a mri that revealed a large structure that is presumed to be a meninggioma associated with the right sphenoid wing.creating mass effect upon the right frontal lobe and mass effect and elevation of the right lateral ventricle by this process. Neurosurgeons have recommended that no effort be expendeded to remeadiate or remove it, nor do they recommend future mri’s to observe it’s very slow growth. What should I do? To do nothing, as they recommend, scares me. Having a tumor is frightening. Is there a role for future immumology? Help, please. Eleanor Seminara, 85 yrs old.

You can tell when something is wrong with your body. It can be frustrating when you give a symptom and it is not acknowledged


I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago,,I was having some problems with dizziness and nausea for over a year,,knew there was a cyst on my brain from a previous full body scan so after so many tests my new doctor decided to have me get an MRI w contrast to recheck the cyst ,,that’s when they found the meningioma ,,the neurosurgeon I was sent to said I can’t have surgery because of the location,,,I’m feeling extremely frustrated because I have lost a lot of my sense of smell, hearing loss, my left hand is weak and constant tingling in my fingers,,foggy head,,memory not so good,,,am I going crazy or are these symptoms of the tumor?

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Lady cat you are not crazy.

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