Have any treatments been developed for postcovid numb lips?

Posted by webtypo @webtypo, Nov 17, 2023

I’ve had covid 3 times, and after the 2nd time, I ended up with numb tingly lips both my upper and lower lips have areas that are numb and/or tingly. It rates as annoying in comparison to the body aches I still have and the full body muscle twitching that happens anytime I start to relax as I fall asleep…. My main question though is whether or not anyone is aware of research or treatments developed to treat numb/tingly lips caused by covid? Just looking for info that I can take to my doc and see what his thoughts are.

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Have had LC for 8 months..developed sensation in inner lips, tip of tongue, and top of mouth about a month ago.
Dont know if it’s due to high BP meds. So am going off them for a while. Or its from long covid?


I have been diagnosed with post covid syndrome. I have multiple symptoms, including partially numb tongue and an odd sensation on my lips that taste bitter at times. I have tried to find all info about anything to treat this. I haven’t found much. I’m being evaluated for a coupe other disorders, but it seems like LC, based on what I’ve been reading. I have muscle issues and twitching too.

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