Has anyone used Nattokinase or serrapeptase

Posted by ktgirl @ktgirl, Oct 24, 2023

I have just read about people who have used both of these supplements and have had really amazing improvement in their lung health. I read this on the Pulmonary Fibrosis news forum. I'm always nervous about taking some supplements. I sure would like to see some improvement. I've been exercising on a NuStep machine at a wellness center but could only get there a couple times a week. I decided to buy one to have at home. So now I can use it every day. I'm just so exhausted after using it. I do about 20 minutes in the morning and do another ten minutes in the afternoon. I can hardly do anything else. I really need some help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I was diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis (COPD ).
After being fiven a box of horse pull to keep mucus flowing and 3 inhalers. My condition remained the same. Repeated chest infections/Coughs.
I started Serrapeptase 200k IU per day with Olive leaf extract.within a week i stopped coughing and expelling mucus. I threw away my inhalers and pills and ive hardly coughed since. Very rarely had an infection and can walk for miles.
I would recommend Serra to anybody.
Bare in my that i stopped smoking on diagnosis. This was essential to reducing inflammation.

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I'm wondering if you have any problem taking the Serrapeptase if you take other medications? One person wrote earlier that you have to wait a couple hours after other medications. He said he did it once and it wasn't good! He never would say what happened so I've been kind of scared to take it. Some of my meds are extended release types. My pulmonologist didn't say much about them so no help there. Any suggestions?


Yes I've heard about using enzymes too. I bought some Nattokinase and Serrapeptase but haven't taken any yet. It sounds like you have to be careful as to when you take them so it doesn't interfere with medication you're taking. It would be nice if doctors would be more open to learning about these things. I know people always say you have to be your own advocate but I'm not sure what exactly that means. I've always trusted the doctors but now it's getting harder to do that.

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I find my best advocate for using supplements with medications is my awesome pharmacist. And if she isn’t sure she’ll tell me give her a day or so before taking anything new so she can look into it. She’s from an independent pharmacy & always finds the time to say hello. So different than corporate chain pharmacies. God bless & good luck.

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