Has anyone stopped taking nortriptyline 50mg due to side effects?

Posted by MarleneE @pinksky4u, Jun 10, 2023

I have been taking nortriptyline 50 mg for the past 3 weeks for pain, anxiety and depression. My psychologist told me that it is too early to expect improvement. I complained about the side effects of INCREASED anxiety, body tingling (especially on the scalp and in the face), body heat flashes, and restlessness. The doctor told me that if I need to stop the medication due to side effects, I could stop WITHOUT TAPERING. Has anyone stopped taking nortriptyline 50mg without tapering? What was your experience like? Did you feel worse or better right away?
I have tried just about every anxiety/depression medication over the last 20 years without success. My doctor told me that I give up on new medications too early to get any improvement. But I ALWAYS seem to have side effects that are intolerable. Has anyone else had this experience with antidepressants?

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Depression and other mental illnesses run in my family. I have a relative who takes a few prescription anti-depressants. That is what works for them. I was made to take an anti-depressant for a short while when I was a teen, but now I choose to do my own research and use nutritional and other approaches to keep my depression and anxiety in check. I have read about others having a lot of trouble getting off of almost any of the anti-depressants, and more so when they've been taking them for years. I'd rather have more control over what goes in my body; I prefer not to be tied to a prescribed medication, if I can find a way around it. I distrust and avoid other substances, too (ie. caffeine, marijuana, nicotine, etc-- even chocolate) and don't want anything to do with any hint of chemical dependency. I try to be aware of my mental state and I also ask people close to me to tell me honestly if they notice anything different or concerning.


... am anxious to read comments because a Dr wants me to take Nortriptyline and I don't want to. I managed to get myself off Zoloft which had been on 15 years almost, and that was hard enough... but still on Rivotril/Clonazepam/Klonopin (in Canada) and tried to get off but dint have any help, so stayed on, now on very low dose. I was stupid enough not to realize they both were habit-forming and the family doctors just kept repeating the prescription as i say for almost 15 years plus... there is more to the story but i too have lots of side effects from meds.... sometimes i wont take a new medication because of reading possible side effects (especially with narrow angle glaucoma) even those told to us by the manufacturer, and am criticized for it: no win situation sometimes - hope you get some helpful answers here - J.

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